Clayton Shagal Facials


Clayton Shagal Facials

Cleansing the skin is a daily necessity for eliminating surface impurities of the skin. Clayton Shagal cleansers are water soluble, multi-action, one-step cleansers that comply with the hydro lipidic balance of the skin. Clayton Shagal cleansers suit all types of skin and may be used to remove make-up and thoroughly cleanse the skin with ease and comfort.

At Laser Genesis skin clinic, we carry various top quality facials from Clayton Shagal. Some which are:

Mini-Facial: Best suited for times just before special events when your skin needs cleansing. No extractions are done at this time.

Basic Facials: Basic cleansing facial to awaken and revitalize your skin. The treatment is customized to your specific skin condition.

Full Facial Treatments: Good for all skin types this facial introduces you to collagen and elastin, products which are essential for strengthening the collagen and elastin fibrils.

Anti-Aging Facial: Intensive repair and strengthening treatment designed to minimize fine lines It uses proteoglycans which send impulses to sluggish cells and help in the production of collagen and elastin fibrils.

Acne Facial: Good for acenic or seborrheic skin. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to detoxify and add nutrients to enhance and heal the skin.

AHAT Treatment: Excellent for exfoliation of cellular debris and cell renewal. This treatment enhances the deeper penetration of products.

Pigmentation Control Facial: Specialized treatment to treat the pigmentation stains and chloasma. See therapeutic results after the treatment.

Botox Effects Facials: Amazing results with the use of special products. With no needles, the effects last for a month.

Green Tree Facial: Combine the nourishing qualities of Chinese green tree for soothing and calming experience. Green tree is extremely beneficial for fighting free radicals and detoxifying the body system.

Facials for Men: Specially tailored to suit men’s skin. Products used are fragrance free and discourage the growth of ingrown hair. Combined with relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

Vitamin C Facial: Vitamic C has long been known as the most powerful antioxidant. It is also the vital building block for the collagen formation in the skin, when used in proper formulations, it increases the skin’s elasticity. Vitamin C facials are specifically designed to inhibit hyperpignmentation, skin discoloration and increase skin’s luminosity.

Cellulite Reduction: Most common causes of cellulite are poor blood circulation, hormonal imbalance, genetic, unbalanced diet, or nervousness. This restricts the blood lymphatic system, resulting in larger Toxin deposits and laxity in metabolism. Adipoderm is composed of active fluid algae and a blend of essential oils which regulate body functions, improve the blood circulation and reduces muscle stiffness from overuse. This improves the metabolism and helps in general detoxification through natural drainage.